Not sure to play beach volley all day long? Want to try other activities?

Here we go!

You can easily combine your beach volley camp with yoga and surfing: both classes are provided for any level and we have all the equipment !

Why Surf & Beachvolleyball?

Did you know that it was surfers who invented the beach volleyball game? They began to pass the time waiting for the right time to surf on Waikiki Beach in Hawai’i!

Beach volleyball is a sport that is as fast and explosive as surfing when it comes to standing on the surfboard and catching waves.
Volleyball also trains important upper body muscles (especially the arms), improves reflexes due to quick direction changes and improves overall flexibility.

Both in the sand and in the sea, you need to be able to react quickly with confidence and dynamic movements.

Beach volleyball and surfing are intense and physically demanding sports, but they are fun too! They are the ideal sport where you can enjoy nature, surrounded by sand or sea, in beautiful sunny places.

Why beach volley & yoga?

Our yoga classes, tailored specifically for players, will help you get the most out of your beach volley holiday.
Morning yoga classes will prepare your body and mind for the day of playing ahead, while the evening yoga classes help to soothe the body and relax the mind.

Morning Vinyasa flow yoga classes are designed to prepare the body and mind for the day’s beach volley sessions. Sunset Restorative yoga classes will focus on gentle flows, muscle recovery, stretching and relaxation to allow the body to unwind and revitalize after a day of beach volley.

Yoga gives players an extra boost to get the most out of every training session and builds strength, flexibility, endurance, breath awareness, focus and clarity of mind – all of which can help you thrive as a player! Through practicing yoga, you will stay agile, balanced, confident on your body and ready for any match.

Yoga and Surf options are available every day.
These activities are in partnership with: malikasurfcamp.